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Archived News and Information from St. Vincent de Paul

Top Hat Dinner 2005
Summer Camp 2005
Coats 4 Kids

2005 Golf Classic
Camp Bar-B-Que
Holiday Happenings
Ozaman Raffle 2005

Feinstein Foundation Challenge
In Appreciation
Red Cross Agreement
Treasure Hunt Volunteers Wanted
Vincent’s Store Donations
Discount Store Update
Shoes for Shelter Run
Ozanam Raffle

Top Hat Awards Dinner 2001
Building Renovations
2001 Camp
Cottrell Foundation
Vincentian Scholarship Program
Where there is a Need...
New SVDP Website

Top Hat Dinner 2005

The Diocese of Buffalo St. Vincent De Paul Society Central Council will held its 10th Annual Top Hat Dinner on Thursday September 15th 2005 at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott.  At this event, Vincentians and their guests honored those who have given their all to help those in need through the Society’s good works. Our master of ceremonies at this year’s event was Kevin O’Connell from Wgrz-TV and Father Joseph Sicari, Catholic Charities Director was a guest speaker.

This year’s event was a great success!

Top Hat Award Winner: Rosina Food Products

Ozanam Medals

Richard Schneeberger -Christ the King
Laura Bien - St. Charles Borromeo- Niagara Falls
Homer Campbell - St. Amelia
Alex Napierski - Queen of Martyrs
James Long - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary- Harris Hill
Raymond Deible - St. George - West Falls
Jack & Judy Mathis - Immaculate Conception - Eden

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Summer Camp 2005

The summer camp program is a happy memory for all the children who were able to attend our facility in Angola this summer.  In the 6 weeklong sessions, the children were able to enjoy swimming, arts & crafts and nature studies. More importantly, they were able to enjoy new friendships and begin to appreciate the beauty of nature.  Our program staff, as always, provided the campers with a wonderful experience and has started to make plans for next summer. 

We thank Ray Wassinger, camp program director, and his staff along with Phil Coyle, camp caretaker, for all their efforts this summer. Also, many thanks to all the men and women who volunteer their time and help in preparing the camp for the 2005 season. The process starts in May and is a true testament to the dedication of our members to the children of Western New York.

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Coats 4 Kids

In conjunction with the Neighborhood Cleaners Association and WIVB-TV, the Society of St. Vincent DePaul distributes winter coats and apparel to our needy neighbors. The Coats 4 Kids effort is designed to collect and distribute coats to children throughout Western New York.

The materials collected consist of new coats, hats and gloves along with good usable coats that have been cleaned for use by Drycleaners of our community that participate in the campaign. In addition, items are collected at the Channel 4 studios.

This specific collection effort begins November 1st and lasts until the end of the year. Coats are distributed from November 15th until the end of the winter season, with the majority being distributed during late November and mid-December. Last year, over 14,000 pieces of winter apparel was given to children to help them stay warm during the Western New York winter.

As always, concerned individuals and organizations are welcome and encouraged to support the Society’s efforts to help our neighbors in need.

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2005 Golf Classic
The St. Vincent De Paul Society Golf Tournament will be held on Monday July 11 at Arrowhead Gold Club. Details will be forthcoming. Please mark your calendar and plan to join us for this day of fun and fellowship.

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Camp Bar-B-Que
The 8th Annual Summer Bar-B-Que will be held on Sunday June 12th, 2005 from 1 pm until the dinners are sold out, at the St. Vincent de Paul Society Summer Camp in Angola.  Entertainment by “Diamond Sound” a local band will be playing from 1-4pm.

Last year over $7,518.00 was raised by the Bar-B-Que.  The proceeds of this dinner go to the benefit of the Children’s summer camp and the past dinners have helped pay for the continuing improvements to the program and facilities that make up our Summer Camp.

As in the past, the event will be hosted by the Most Precious Blood conference in Angola, who have done an excellent job in making this event an enjoyable time for all. They have devoted a great amount of time and effort in preparing for this event.  We appreciate their willingness to help again this summer. They believe in the camp program and the good that it does for the children and their families. Your support shows your appreciation for this group’s untiring efforts, as well as your support for the children’s summer camp.

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Holiday Happenings
The Society of St. Vincent dePaul has been busy taking care of our neighbors in need during the holidays in a variety of ways. In addition to numerous home visits to deliver food, clothing and toys to families throughout Western New York, the Society participated in the following programs.

Coats 4 Kids – A joint effort between Channel 4, the Drycleaners Association of Western New York and the Society to provide warm winter coats to deserving children. Over 20,000 coats were picked up and over 14,000 delivered through this annual effort between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

News Neediest Program – The Society’s Central Office once again acted as a distribution site for food for the News Neediest Fund. Over 100 families were able to claim food for their holiday meal at our headquarters building. The Society supplemented that food with additional items so that the families could truly enjoy a Merry Christmas.

Also, the community aided the St. Vincent DePaul Society in being able to spread the joys of the holiday season to our community.

Local business had Holiday events to support the Society’s good works. Loughran’s Bar & Restaurant in conjunction with the First Place Restaurant sponsored a charity buffet dinner on Monday November 22, 2004 with the proceeds to benefit the Society’s Dining Room. Also, canned food items were collected for us for three weeks before the big event. Over $2,250 was collected along with a van full of food items and over 150 turkeys.

We thank these benefactors for remembering our efforts to aid the needy during the Holidays!

These are just a few examples of the Society’s good works during this festive period. However, just because the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that we can rest. The Society is here, twelve months a year, serving the needy of Western New York. This is only possible due to the ongoing generous commitments of our members and benefactors.

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Ozanam Raffle 2005

The response to the Ozanam Raffle has been wonderful with more than 1137 tickets sold and over $22,225 raised to help the Society’s many works of charity. The winners of our “Early Bird” drawing were:

Friday April 22nd $500 Prize - Paul Ludwig

The final drawings were held on May 20th and the winners were:

$2000 Prize – Joseph Forti
$500 Seller of winning ticket - Joseph Forti
$1000 Prize – Robert Rohde
$500 Prize – Michelle Tyran

The following all were $100 Prizewinners:

St. Joseph Conference, Niagara Falls
James Glynn
Alex Shaw
Vince Collins
Norma Russo

As you know, all money raised stays here in Western New York and we plan on continuing the Raffle next year by popular demand! We thank all that supported the Ozanam Raffle. Congratulations to all our winners.

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Feinstein Foundation Challenge

Calling for an end to hunger in America for the sixth straight year, philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein has pledged that he would match all donations– up to a total of $1 million – made during March 15, 2005 until April 30, 2005 to all non-profit agencies across the country fighting hunger.

The St. Vincent DePaul Dining Room qualifies to participate in this effort and any donations made to the Dining Room in March and April will be eligible for the match.  If the total donations raised by all participating agencies exceed the challenge funds, they will be divided proportionately among all qualified respondents. The money will be distributed in June.

We participated in this effort last year and the Dining Room received additional funds through the generosity of our donors and the Feinstein Foundation.  Mr. Feinstein feels, “To have 14 million people experiencing hunger in the greatest country in the world is a disgrace.  It is time to wipe out hunger in America.”

Please consider helping us by making a donation to our Dining Room. Thank you!

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In Appreciation

We are extremely blessed to be helped by many individuals and organizations in our mission of charity. The following is just a partial list of the Foundations we have received assistance from:

Goodfellows Fund
Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation
Children’s Foundation Of Erie County
Ronald McDonald House Foundation
J.P.Morgan Chase Foundation
eneral Mills Foundation
Wendt Foundation
John Oishei Foundation
First Niagara Bank Foundation
Josephine Goodyear Foundation
Joy Family Foundation

Without their help, many of our good works would not come to life.

This summer, in response to an earlier petition, the Society received a donation of a van from the Raymond Goergen family. This vehicle replaces a used van that was donated by National Fuel over 5 years ago and provided the organization with dependable service but had deteriorated beyond repair. We would like to thank them for their gift.

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Red Cross Agreement

The Society is pleased to announce the beginning of a collaborative effort between the Society of St. Vincent DePaul and the American Red Cross in the Western New York area. Following the recommendations by the Society's National office in the wake of September 11th, the Board of Directors decided to take a look at how the Society in Western New York could be better prepared for disaster contingencies. In an effort to prepare ourselves to handle such emergencies we have reached out to the Red Cross to develop a memorandum of understanding. This document will address how our two organizations can work together to alleviate suffering in the event of disaster.

As part of the agreement, the Red Cross has offered to include members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in their training program. This training program allows volunteers, to be better prepared and able to respond in the event of a disaster in our community. The disaster need not be as catastrophic as what happened 9/11, but it can range in scope from a flood to an ice storm or a blizzard, conditions which can occur in our area. The courses are offered free of charge. It is imperative that we encourage your Society members, as well as interested family members and parishioners, to be trained so that we may be able to offer a proactive and positive response should we be called upon to help in the event of an emergency.

The training which would prepare volunteers to be certified by the Red Cross to act as disaster resource people with credentials to have full access to a disaster site is free and can be arranged through the Central Office. It is the Society's members obligation on behalf of those we serve to participate in the process and be trained to handle a disaster situation. Hopefully we will not experience anything as devastating as they did in New York City. However, we do know from past history that, sometimes in the winter we need people that are trained to handle such situations as a sudden snowstorm.

We look forward to your participation and thank you for your continued support!

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Treasure Hunt Volunteers Wanted

Do you enjoy the excitement in finding hidden treasure?

Well you might be the right person to help us locate items that are usable for our store and client assistance programs. Fortunately our warehouse is filled with all types of items that have been gathered throughout the year.

There are boxes filled with china and glassware, toys and books and anything you might imagine. We could use some help to unpack them and get them ready for our customers and clients.

If you would like to explore the possibilities, we are asking that you contact Fran at the store and arrange to come down to help us spread the Vincentian spirit at our downtown facility.

Even a few hours would be a big help!

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Vincent’s Store Donations

Vincentians frequently experience (or hear of others' experience) with our Store pick-up service that donated items were refused by the dispatcher or the driver.  Attitudes may have developed that our operation is "picky" or does not have a need for merchandise.  Neither of these is true, but the fact is that there are a number of things that we cannot accept for a variety of reasons beyond our control. Typical reasons for not accepting baby cribs, for instance, are that it is not legal to resell cribs not of recent vintage because it has been found that the spacing between the side bars was too large and some children have died because of that. Baby car seats have a similar problem. Non-working appliances with Freon (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) require an expensive procedure required by the government to remove the Freon before scrapping. Tires have a charge for disposal. And finally, some items just do not have a use or value. For those reasons, we are publishing this list. You may wish to keep this with your SVDP stuff for future reference and please share it with others.


-Softly used clothing without stains or tears
-Jewelry, scarves, gloves, accessories
-Children and adult clothing
-Television sets-in working condition
-Household goods-dishes, pots & pans
-Blankets, bedding without stains/rips
-Gas stoves (gas service must be disconnected)
-Small working household appliances
-Refrigerators, freezers, & air conditioners that are plugged in & cool at the time of pick-up
-Personal Comuters of recent vintage (ex: Pentium)


-All products that do not meet the safety standard of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
-Baby car seats
-Manual hospital beds, Waterbeds
-Water heaters
-Non-working appliances
-Text books
-Metal desks
-Furniture with rips, holes or broken springs
-Networked computers
-Building supplies (wood, drywall, bricks, ceiling tile)
-Household chemical/cleaning and unfriendly waste products

If there are any questions concerning things that may not be on the list, call our office at 882-3360.
Call this same number to schedule a home pickup. SVDP Drivers have the right to refuse any unacceptable merchandise.  If you hear specific criticism about the Store's service (times, dates, people involved, etc.) please urge the person to call us for resolution.

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St. Vincent's Discount Store

One of the most visible components of the St. Vincent DePaul Society throughout the country is the Society sponsored store. These operations help the organization provide the clothing and household goods that so many of those who come to us for aid require. They also allow the general public a chance to practice charitable acts by providing an outlet for the community to become benefactors of the Society through their donations of the goods to be used in the store. The revenue generated from store operations goes to helping the Society with maintaining its ongoing "good works".

This holds true for the Society of St. Vincent De Paul in Buffalo and our store that is located at 1298 Main Street. Many don't even realize that we have a store, much less recognize what an asset it is.

Many people have memories of a thrift store as being a large collection of discards and, if you searched through the piles, you might find the occasional hidden treasure, a process similar to finding a needle in a haystack!

That is not the case at St. Vincent's Discount Store on Main Street. The store is large and airy. It has been described as one of the cleanest and most attractive stores of its type found in Buffalo. It is well organized with nice clothes for men, women and children at great prices. The shoes are clean and in good shape. We have tables of high quality bric-a-brac and hundreds of glasses, plates, and bowls to choose from. We also offer furniture - tables, chairs, couches, dressers and the like. There is a diverse range of goods. From costume jewelry to Halloween costumes, flatware to golf clubs and everything in between, we have had it pass through our store.

The only way that our store operation can continue to be a major part of the Society's outreach and growth is with your help. There are a number of things that you can do:

-Come down and shop our store for yourself. If you have never been to the Center, please come for a visit. We are located at the corner of Main and Bryant Streets with plenty of free off street parking. Tell your friends and others about our retail facility and encourage them to visit. You never know what you might find!

-We are always in need of usable furniture items. If you have items that are in good repair and are easily accessible, please call our office at 882-3360 to schedule a pick-up.

-Volunteer to work in the store and warehouse. The more Vincentian volunteers get involved, the more successful the operation can be. Obviously, their participation helps keep overhead costs down and frees up funds to go to our other charitable works. More importantly, when Vincentians are involved in the store their sense of ownership allows people in need to be better served because they are there to help and will do whatever is needed to make things better. Our current store and warehouse volunteers are doing yeoman work in helping us make the store a top-notch operation and always welcome some extra hands.

-We have been fortunate to see a small, but loyal customer and donor base develop since opening at our present location in 1996. However, we know that there is potential to grow and expand our efforts and you play an intricate role. With your support, our store will flourish and be able to allow the Society to help many more of our neighbors who continue to seek our aid.  Make it a point to stop in - Who knows what you may find, but whatever you purchase, you could be buying someone hope for a better day.

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Shoes for the Shelter Run

Canisius College is sponsoring a run on Sunday, April 10 from 9 am until 2 pm.  Participants will be encouraged to donate shoes and sneakers, along with usable clothing that will be given to the Society for use in our good works. Last year there was just over 870 runners & walkers that participated and over 1000 pairs of shoes were collected along with numerous boxes/bags of clothing collected.  This year, we expect such a good turnout that we will have one of our trucks stationed at the college to gather the donations. For those who are interested in participating, please contact John Maddock, Canisius College Associate Athletic Director at 888-2977.

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Ozanam Raffle

In response to our member’s wishes, we will again be holding the Ozanam Raffle this spring. Revenue raised by this effort helps with the many works of charity the Society performs in Western New York.  All money raised stays in the Buffalo area.

A total of $5,000 in prizes will be given away.

  • First prize  $2000
  • Seller of the winning ticket $500
  • Second prize $1000
  • Third prize $500

There will also be 5 winners of $100. In addition, there will be one “Early Bird” winner. The April 22nd Early Bird will be for $500. 

The final drawing will be held on May 20th, 2005.  Tickets are $25 each or 3 for $50! Tickets will be available in March.

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Top Hat Dinner 2001

Excitement abounded at the recent Top Hat Award Dinner, held on September 20th at the Hearthstone Manor. A full house listened to Fr. Joseph Levesque, CM president of Niagara University describe the spirit of St. Vincent and its place today. The following were honored for their service to the Society:

Paul Ehrenreich - St. Benedict
John Wood - Holy Cross
Caroline Washburn - St. Charles
Charles Stuart - St. Timothy
Donald Schasel - Immaculate Conception
Catherine Hickey - St. Andrew
Harold Box - Sts. Peter & Paul
Kenneth Martin - St. Gregory the Great
Gerald Ashby - Sacred Heart
John Reed - Infant of Prague
Richard Fildes - St. John Vianney

These are men and women who are going the extra mile for the poor as well as promoting and sustaining the mission of the Society and the dreams of our founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam. We want to thank all the nominators for their prayerful thought in suggesting these people. We remember that this recognition is also for the poor who benefit by the labors of our members.

A special presentation was made to Fleet Bank who has been faithful supporters of the Society in both time and treasure. For many years, Fleet employees have donated hundreds of hours of service to our Dining Room program. In addition, Fleet has given the Society's grants to support the ongoing good works of the organization. Most recently, Fleet provided seed money for a pilot program to help polish job application skills to help some of the Society's clients better position themselves for employment.

In order to meet the challenges of the future, the Society has instituted a long range planning committee under the leadership of our new Board vice president, Vincent Hanley. We have asked the members of this new committee to explore ideas on how we can be of greater service to the needy in our community. Suggestions are always welcomed and can be sent to our offices at 1298 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 14209. You can also reach us at our website, All suggestions will be reviewed and passed on to the committee.

In the months ahead we will begin a membership recruitment drive to help bolster our existing conferences of charity, while at the same time encourage new groups to start throughout the Diocese of Buffalo. If you would like information on how you can become a part of the Society of St.Vincent DePaul, please contact us at 882-3360.

The Society has made great has made great progress thanks to the support of Western New York and we are extremely grateful, however it is Christ's poor that are the ultimate beneficiaries.
May God Bless You!

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Building Renovations: Update
As you have read in previous issues of our newsletter, one of the more important issues that the Society needs to address this year has to do with the physical condition of our Family Resource Center on Main Street. The first phase has been completed and now we must move to the second, which is extremely critical. Our heating plant is in real peril. It is over 50 years old and requires a great deal of fuel in order to operate. The rising cost of gas coupled with the unit's inefficiency dictate we begin to plan its replacement soon. Our engineers and architects have advised us that, in order to do this right, we will be spending between $150,000 and $175,000.

As you are reading this, we have begun to replace the heating system due to the fact that cold weather is coming and the urgency to have heat in place even if the funding may not be.

While we are always looking for contributions to this program, we have been able to move forward nonetheless. The recently announced Annual Giving Appeal will help us provide the  funding for these renovations. However, the Society has also approached various corporations and foundations for their aid in this ambitious undertaking. We have been most fortunate that the following foundations have pledged their support to our efforts -

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
The Margaret Wendt Foundation
The General Mills Foundation
The Max & Victoria Dreyfuss Foundation
The Joy Family Foundation

Each of these foundations believe that by supporting our efforts to maintain our facility the programs which sustain many of our areas less fortunate can be continued for the betterment of our community.

We are extremely grateful for their support and thank them for it!

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Summer Camp 2001

The summer camp program is a happy memory for 500 children who were able to attend our facility in Angola this summer.  In the 6 weeklong sessions, the children were able to enjoy swimming, arts & crafts and nature studies. More importantly, they were able to enjoy new friendships and begin to appreciate the beauty of nature.  Our program staff, as always, provided the campers with a wonderful experience and has started to make plans for next summer.  In addition to our children's program, groups rented our facility for their own use. These rentals help defray our operating expenses and expose our Good Works to more of the community.

We thank Ray Wassinger, camp program director, and his staff along with Phil Coyle, camp caretaker, for all their efforts this summer. Also, many thanks to all the men and women who volunteer their time and help in preparing the camp for the 2001 season. The process started in April with the inmates from the Gowanda Correctional Facility.  Thanks to Superintendent Allard and Sergeant Jefferson, stripping and reshingling of two buildings plus a porch, was accomplished. In addition, seven Birch trees had to be dropped and removed due to the high winds of last fall. 

In May and June, the other buildings were worked on by the following conferences.

New Groups this year:
-St. Peter and Paul, Hamburg - Director's Cabin
-St. John the Baptist, Boston - Allen Cabin

Established Groups:
-Catholic Alumni (Chapel)
-Most Precious Blood, Angola (First Aid Cabin)
-Immaculate Conception, Eden (Chaplains Cabin)
-St. Paul's, Kenmore (Bunkhouse)
-St. Amelia's, Tonawanda (Dining Hall)
-Queen of Martyrs, Cheektowaga (Burgard)
-Troup 411 St. Mary's on the Lake (Dempsey)
-Christ the King, Snyder (Duffy)
-Troup 411 St. Mary's on the Lake (Connors)
-St. Gregory the Great, Williamsville (Turner)
-St. Joseph, Niagara Falls (Arts & Crafts)
-Plumbers, Sparks Plumbing Lockport (plumbing in camp)

The following facilities need "adoption":
-Maloney cabin
-Fischer cabin
-Big House
-Play Field

In addition to all the donations of physical labor and materials, many financial donations have supported the camp as well. Just a few contributors are listed here:

-Queen of Martyrs
-St. John - Boston,
-Our Lady of Victory
-St. John Vianney - Orchard Park
-St. Benedict's
-Our Lady of Grace - Woodlawn
-St. Augustine - Depew
-SVDP Southern Council - Olean
-St. Amelia
-St. Gregory the Great
-St. Casmir
-Our Lady Help of Christians,
-Infant of Prague
-St. Francis - Athol Springs
-Sacred Heart - Batavia
-James Glynn
-Anna Devaney-Joseph Cherico-in memory of Kevin Healy
-Martin Littlefield, Jr.
-Michael Whitehead
-Knights of Columbus #3076
-Harold Heckman
-Katherine Mulligan
-Edward Couche Golf Tournament
-Joan Heubusch
-Fr. Raymond Uschold
-Goodfellows Fund

There are many, many more and we thank them on behalf of all the children and their families who benefited from their generosity this summer for their continuing support.

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Cottrell Foundation
The Cottrell Family Foundation has given a grant to the St. Vincent de Paul Society of $20,000 to be used to provide direct assistance to the needy of Western New York through our conferences. The Society was chosen to receive this money because the Cottrell Foundation felt that we have demonstrated a long tradition of helping the needy in a direct manner without excessive bureaucracy.  Further, the Foundation felt the Society is able to provide aid in the area of physical needs in a manner that is both respectful and expedient. There are 20 conferences spread throughout the Buffalo Diocese that are participating in this grant program, which concludes April 1, 2001.

The following conferences are currently benefiting from this program:

St. Ambrose
Holy Spirit, North Collins
Nativity, Harris Hill
Niagara University
Prince of Peace, Niagara Falls
Sacred Heart, Niagara Falls
St. Barbara, Lackawanna
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Martyrs
St. Vincent de Paul, Springbrook
St. Joseph University, Buffalo
St. Margaret
St. Mary Olean, Ladies conference
St. Patrick, Limestone
St. Bonaventure
St. Francis, Tonawanda
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Lakeview
Our Mother of Good Counsel, Blasdell
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Albert the Great

The Buffalo Society of St. Vincent De Paul has been chosen to participate again this year for the third straight year. This is a testament to the direct work of our members with the needy in our community.

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Vincentian Scholarship Program
One of the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s Diocesan Board of Directors’ goals last year was to provide adequate funds for the establishment of the Society sponsored scholarship program.  At this time, we currently have 8 students participating in this program that we titled the “VINCENTIAN SCHOLARS”. This program was established with seed money from a group of benefactors who feel that education is a key aspect in improving the lives of the needy youth that the Society comes in contact with in carrying out our ministry, along with funds dedicated from the Annual Giving Drive.

At this time we are beginning the process to find qualified candidates to participate as the newest Vincentian Scholars for the 2001 –2002 school year.

Application forms for the new Vincentian Scholars Scholarship program will be sent out soon to all Society Conference Presidents.  Each active conference is being given the opportunity to choose a candidate who is currently in 8th grade and has the desire to attend a Catholic High School. There will be 10 High School Scholarships at $1,000 each. The candidate will have to be financially needy, accepted to a Catholic High School and provide 40 hours of Vincentian service in the course of the academic year. If the candidate fulfills these criteria, they will be eligible to continue in the program until graduation.  Each conference is responsible to submit the completed application, including any necessary attachments.  The service requirement must be done during the academic year and can be fulfilled at the conference’s discretion, either at the parish or the headquarters building.

The qualified candidates’ names will be placed in a lottery and the names drawn at random. The chosen Vincentian scholars and their family will be invited to a reception/orientation session that will outline the details. Five alternates will also be chosen if any of the initial 10 scholars cannot agree to the conditions of the program.

While we are all aware that $1,000 will not pay the full tuition to a private school, when combined with other aid it may be enough to allow the student to attend the school of their choice. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of an effort that may be enlarged to provide assistance to grammar school children as well.

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Where there is a Need...

The St. Vincent de Paul Society’s mission is to fulfill the two great Commandments – love of God and love of neighbor.

Works of charity begin by: quietly and discreetly aiding families, seeking and serving the distressed, personally visiting homes, hospitals, institutions and by growing spiritually through a gift of self to others.

The Society seeks out God’s needy, both materially and spiritually, and helps where and when they can. Sometimes they can do little more than just listen and comfort. Sometimes they are able to help with a bag of donated foodstuffs, or by assisting with the necessities of life.

SVDP is not just a ”provider of emergency food order.” Vincentians are also concerned with the needs of the aged, lonely, handicapped, permanently sick or housebound, and persons in convalescent nursing homes and hospitals, Persons to be aided are met “on an equal basis,” never looked down upon, and always thought of as brothers and sisters in Christ. Visits to those in need are made in pairs to help the recipients feel more at ease and avoid scandal.  Wherever there is a need, the Vincentians go two-by two and do what they can to ease the suffering of their fellow human beings. In coming closer to those in need, SVDP members feel that they come closer to God!

How can you help, you ask? And, where does the funding come from to assist those in need? Join SVDP! Or, donate to the poor boxes in the back of church.  Or, donate your unwanted household items for re-sale in the local SVDP stores.  Or, donate a bag of non-perishable foodstuffs on food pantry collection weekends. Or, say a prayer.

Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.

If you know of a family in need, please contact the pastor of the parish.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the conference, watch the parish bulleting for their meeting days and times.

New SVDP Website

On September 1, 2000 the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Buffalo officially went online with its new Internet website This site will help the Society become more accessible in the 21st Century.

St. Vincent de Paul Society would like to thank
Novocon.Net based in Buffalo, New York for their efforts in designing and hosting our new website.

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